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How Deep is the Corruption of Elected and Unelected Bureaucrats?

With the conviction of Jeffery Epstein, who had a large number of ties to celebrities, politicians, and royalty for charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking, it became a public concern that there could be a connection between these high-profile individuals and his sex trafficking activities. It wouldn’t take much of an imagination to wonder if blackmail could be a concern that might influence their behavior. 

He Who Controls the Money of a Nation Controls the Nation 

Why would any sovereign country give over financial control to a private independent banking institution? That is dumber than letting a fox guard your hen house! We are a country that borrows money from a private organization, US Federal Reserve, over which we have no control. As the Nation’s Central Bank, the Federal Reserve has been granted special privileges that allow it to monopolize the issuance of fiat currency, to be the banker for both the government and commercial banks, and act as the official lender to the US government. Really? What government entity should allow a private institution to have the power to do something this stupid? But this was actually voted into being through the secretive manipulation of big bankers in 1913.

Is it really surprising that we are presently in such great debt to this private bank, that the interest that has now accrued is so massive that there’s not much left to run the country? The only solution to this problem is temporary. The Federal reserve has created a Ponzi-like scheme where money has been printed out of thin air, which has led to inflation, spending less money on building growth of our country, and spending more on wars that feed the economy for the rich and at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Sadly, the way we’re cutting expenses is to spend less on medical care and social security by shortening the lifespan of our senior citizens. That has been accomplished to a significant extent by the Covid 19 scam. You can read more about this in the chapter written by Catherine Austin Fitts. 

The Three Branches of Government are no longer independent 

The executive, judicial, and congressional branches of government were designed to be independent and serve as a system of checks and balances that would prevent overreach of any single branch. Now that all three branches are influenced by affiliations with corporations and oligarchs, their independence has all but vanished. The system of checks and balances is no longer working. 

This scenario has led to the federal government exerting overreach even at the state level. This is exemplified by the situation of border control of our southern border between Texas and Mexico. President Trump ordered the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico, and President Biden has not only opened it up and allowed millions of immigrants to cross over into the US but is also now ordering some of the protective barrier to be removed. This, of course, makes it easier for illegal aliens to cross over from Mexico to the US. He is further threatening the State of Texas to stand by federal mandates or face US military enforcement. The governor of Texas has pledged that the State of Texas will stop the influx of drugs, sex trafficking, and potential terrorists with the State Militia because it is his lawful responsibility to protect the people of Texas. What possible reason would the leader of any country allow this to happen?

Are we at the brink of a civil war?

What was always called the “fourth branch of government” to maintain balance was the media, and it has become hijacked in the same way as the other three

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