Mission Statement

PeopleUnited informs and motivates concerned citizens, visionaries, and organizations to build unified community. Through strength in numbers, PeopleUnited focuses on restoring the rights and responsibilities of “We the People”. We demand that all elected officials represent the “Will of the People”.

Goals of PeopleUnited

  1. To require return control of our government to “The Will of the People”
  2. To create unified strength in numbers to reclaim power of the people
  3. To create a national grassroots network of people & organizations
  4. To provide community-based cooperation for food, water, power, & safety
  5. To restore the rights & responsibilities of “We the People”
  6. To require all elected officials to represent the “Will of the People”
  7. To defend vs the worst outcome, but must also be proactive & offensive

The Problem

A growing majority of Americans support this ideology but feel separated, alone, and powerless to embrace. They no longer have a voice in running our country. Many don’t vote, either because they think there are no real choices between candidates, or because they believe elections are now rigged. So why bother? This is not just a national issue; it is a global challenge wherein the sovereignty of all countries has become threatened.

Because we are the government of the United States, it is our responsibility to unite and run the country. We cannot allow the bureaucrats who work for us to run the country unchecked. Sadly, far too many elected officials have conflicts of interest and do not represent their electors.

Making matters even worse, too many of us have become complacent and have forgotten what our forefathers went through on our behalf in the first American Revolution. Unless we step up as Americans to stop this assault on democracy, their sacrifices will have been in vain. There is also the problem of Covid 19 and its management. Thousands of our most trusted doctors have been silenced. Politicians who are not trained in medicine have seized authority and are dictating medical policy. This overreach of power has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths and serious disabilities. It has also led to many doctors being unfairly disciplined by state medical boards, often losing their medical licenses.

We now know that we have been lied to by the CDC, FDA, NIH, FBI, CIA, NSA, and WHO about Covid 19 and its treatment. As a result, countless people have died unnecessarily because effective treatments for Covid 19 have been banned. Instead, experimental treatments have been mandated that are neither safe nor effective, and the scientific studies supporting potentially life-saving treatments have been censored.

The Solution

PeopleUnited invites you to join us in taking action to reclaim control of our Constitutional Republic through strength in numbers. Our goal is to create a unified coalition of likeminded individuals and corporations that will regain control of our government just as our forefathers did from the grassroots level. For anyone who does not want to live in fear, this is a time to take action to reclaim and restore the America for which our forefathers shed their blood. We are in a clarifying moment when we find out who we are. Who are you?

Taking the legal and peaceful approach against this state of affairs is a critical part of the solution. Ultimately it will persevere in the pursuit of justice through our judicial system.

PeopleUnited.net is our online network and clearinghouse where caring and concerned Americans can, through strength in numbers, come together and create a collective voice of the people through heart-centered political activism. A coalition of citizens is growing, but there is no time to waste. If we are to succeed, we must take action immediately and follow the example of our forefathers!

Our Pledge is to:

Dedicate ourselves to the humanitarian principles of our constitutional republic.

Reclaim, preserve, protect, and defend the essential human rights of the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights.

Preserve all forms of our personal freedoms—from health to speech.

Answer to our spiritual principles first, then to country.

Take the honorable and ethical actions that we know in our hearts is right for ourselves, our loved ones, and future generations.

What PeopleUnited.net offers

An organization of, by, and for the people, that is designed and committed to help protect our Constitution and Bill of rights.

A place where caring and concerned Americans can come together to create a collective voice of the people through heart-centered political activism.

An opportunity to create a new political force of, for, and by the people that will restore and protect our civil rights at a grassroots level.

Channels wherein our elected officials must answer to the wishes of the people they represent rather than organizations who offer them personal benefits.

Community values wherein service takes precedence over financial gain.

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