Five Principles of PeopleUnited

1. We are guided by our spiritual principles in all we do.

2.  Our government must reflect the will of the people.

3. Our inalienable and civil rights are respected in all circumstances.

4. The family unit is the foundational pillar of a healthy society.

5. All economic-related government decision must support ‘we the people’.


Our primary purpose is to create a national grassroots movement that, through strength in numbers and unity, will have the power to reclaim our freedom and sovereignty. By uniting caring and motivated Americans, we will restore the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


We invite you to consider each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited. If you are in agreement with this intention, we invite you to join us in taking an active role in protecting, strengthening, and reimagining our Constitutional Republic. These are The Five Principles of PeopleUnited.


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Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission statement is: 

PeopleUnited informs and motivates concerned citizens, visionaries, and organizations to build unified community. Through “strength in numbers” PeopleUnited focuses on restoring the rights and responsibilities of “We the People”.  We align together to ensure that all elected officials of the people represent “The Will of the People”.


Our Primary Concerns

We are deeply concerned with what has happened in the United States over the past several decades, but especially concerned over what is happening over the past four years. It has become clear that We the People must come together with Strength in Numbers and in solidarity to support the following five principles unless we are willing to live under tyranny. presents these Five Points of Agreement as an intention of patriotic individuals and organizations committed to restoring a government that is of, by, and for the people. This is our single focus. We are developing a national grassroots driven movement that brings people and organizations together based on the principles we share in common and agree to support. It is not necessary for individuals or organizations to abandon their mission statements to join us. What is required is to stand together in solidarity to pursue common goals. 


The Problem

Many Americans are realizing that he free world is being attacked by only a few thousand people who already own the vast majority of the world’s wealth. 

• The premise of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM is that we will own nothing but will be happy.

• The WHO, another privately funded organization, wants to have legal as well as military power to define what a pandemic is, and impose whatever treatment its leader feels is needed. We would be required to sacrifice our sovereignty to their control.

• Oligarchs and corporations have funded most of our elected officials and control their votes.

• All three branches of our government are tainted with conflicts of interest and are no longer primarily dedicated to the will of the people.


Our Goal

The primary goal of is to bring together 30-50 million patriotic American citizens who agree with our basic platform and join with us in solidarity to reclaim our rights and responsibility to run this great country in the public interest. Through “Strength in Numbers” we will have a voice that is as powerful as the number of patriotic citizens who join us. This is a movement that could have the potential to grow into a grassroots political party that reflects “The Will of The People” rather than that of corporations and oligarchs. Join Here

It is the obligation of all Americans to follow all laws of the land. However, when the laws are unjust it becomes our duty to peacefully organize and resist. We intend to do this through public education, petitions, community outreach and other programs to influence political outcomes. 


Our Alliances

We are reaching out to organizations that share our platform and inviting them to join us as a member of our Coalition of Like-minded Organizations. We appreciate that each organization has its own unique platform, but at the same time still shares fundamental principles that can bring us together under one super umbrella to increase our impact. 

Click this link to learn more about the Organizations in Coalition has invested in powerful website software designed to acknowledge and celebrate the good work that so many freedom-based organizations and leadership groups are doing around the country and around the world.



What We Offer Participating Organizations 

• Space on our website that lists each organization on a graphically interactive map locator resource tool.

• A landing page on our site that allows people to learn about the mission statement of each organization and links back to its homepage.

• A branded live and interactive forum that can be private or public to help engage with other like-minded organizations

• A petitions tool that helps gather signatures from vetted users who have an interest in joining projects of interest



The unique contribution of is that it brings “We the People” together through strength in numbers and solidarity. This grassroots driven movement is predicated on guaranteeing that The Will of the People must supersede The Will of the Government and its Corruptors. We Americans cannot be stopped if we reclaim our right and responsibility to run our government. It is the only way we can protect our constitutional republic that guarantees our inalienable civil rights, personal health freedoms, economy, and the sacred alliance we honor above all with our Creator. 

We hope you will join our team and reclaim our constitutional republic and what it stands for. Americans must set a higher standard for the rest of the world if we ever expect to recover moral leadership and foster our greatest ideals. Click the following link to become a member and join us, its free! Become a member here
God Bless America!

3 thoughts on

Five Principles of PeopleUnited

  • David Saputo

    If you are a member, join the conversation!

  • Len Saputo

    Good work! Let’s all rally around these Five Principles!

  • Len Saputo

    The first principle of the five principles is the key, just like the Golden Rule summarizes the Ten Commandments, that our spiritual intuition is the fundamental and primary cornerstone of all the five principles.
    We answer to God first, and to the laws of man second. We have assumed that we are bound by a constitution that was written by human beings a long time ago. Yet our Constitution is a living and ever changing set of concepts that we are charged with the responsibility supervising.
    We have been born into a matrix that has boundaries. It is our job to step outside the box and make choices that resonate with our spiritual wisdom. So, do you want a blue pill or a red one?

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