All economic-related government decisions must meet the needs of we the people

Those who hold the purse strings of society, hold the power to control it. We must regain control of our nation’s money, and thus our economy. 

Catherine Austin Fitts

Is our economy being hijacked by a privately owned global banking system?

Our economic-related government decisions must meet the needs of we the people. Put simply, they don’t. Despite what most people think, we don’t have a financial problem in America. We have a government problem. We have a secret government system because we’re dealing with systemized organized crime that is out of control. To solve the problem, we need a sovereign government that is going to create the conditions of sovereignty so we can have both government and individual sovereignty. 

There has been a financial coup d’état that started in 1998. Since that time the federal government has been in significant violation of constitutional law, legislative law, and regulation related to financial management. Now $21 trillion has gone missing. The only way to balance the books is to lower life expectancy. Over the past three years we have lowered life expectancy!

In October 2018 the House, Senate, and the Executive Branch met and agreed to a new administrative policy called the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board 56. It overrules the constitution and states that the board reserves the right to keep a portion of the federal finances secret by a secret process to be determined by a secret group of people. This means that the financial statements of the government, related securities, and banks are essentially meaningless. 

We are in a nonsustainable system.  

In August of 2019, the G7 Central Bankers met and voted on the “Going Direct Reset”. They developed a plan under the auspices of Blackrock Investment that resulted in the NY Federal Reserve entering the reposition market in September of 2019. They used the pandemic to justify injecting $5 trillion into the economy. This eventually resulted in inflation that only went into certain parts of the economy and essentially boosted Wall Street and shut down Mainstreet. They shut down our businesses and jobs. As a result, massive amounts of money was shifted from the middle class to the wealthy, as oligarchs were able to purchase insolvent businesses at a markedly discounted price. 

The biggest problem the middle class is facing is an inflation on our time without our consent or control that is related to a deterioration of our food, air quality, water, soil, and pharmaceuticals. This can be done through Central Bank digital control of everyone’s money. Plans are underway now to implement such a system that has the absolute power to control what you purchase.

Making matters even worse, the overall economy of the US is tanking. Interest rates have risen to 8%, bankruptcies of our businesses have skyrocketed, the cost of living is increasing disproportionally to wages, and the value of the dollar is decreasing. We have become dependent on foreign oil, the price of gasoline has more than doubled in the past couple of years, the cost of food has doubled, and the production of food has gone down, there’s a movement to remove meat and dairy from the marketplace and to replace these products with artificial food made from insects. 

Do you see a concerning trend?

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