Survey – PeopleUnited Core Principles

PeopleUnited Five Principles Survey
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PeopleUnited Core Principles
We are interested in what you know about our Five Core Principles...

Which of the PeopleUnited Five Core Principles do you feel are most important for us to focus on?

Any other thoughts you'd like to share?

Let us know what else you feel that PeopleUnited needs to focus on to help bring our country together in unity?

3 thoughts on

Survey – PeopleUnited Core Principles

  • David Saputo

    This is another good place to have conversations about this topic! Either side is welcome

  • Francesco

    Exactly David! PeopleUnited is all about getting dialogue going and having people’s voices heard! This is how we bring our power together in a unified way!

  • Len Saputo

    What we need now is strength in numbers, unity and solidarity.

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