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The Goal of PeopleUnited

PeopleUnited’s primary goal is to bring together millions of patriotic Americans who, through “Strength in Numbers” at the grassroots level, can we can return governance to reflect the will of all people for the highest good.. We must make certain that “The Will of the People” never again acquiesces to “The Will of the Government”. It is our responsibility to protect our civil rights, health, economy, and Constitutional Republic.

We are reaching out to organizations that share our platform and are inviting your organization to join us as a member of our Coalition of Like-minded Organizations. We realize that each organization has its own unique platform, but nevertheless shares certain fundamental principles that can bring us together under one super umbrella. This is an excellent way to create strength in numbers and solidarity, and to protect our Constitutional Republic. These goals must come from the grassroots of America.

PeopleUnited has invested in powerful website software that is designed to celebrate and acknowledge the good work that so many freedom-based organizations and leadership groups are doing around the country – and world. Here’s what we offer you through our “voice amplifying” services at no charge to you: 

1) Space on our website so that you can be listed in our graphically interactive map locator resource tool;
2) Your own landing page that will allow people to learn more of what you are doing and provide a link back to your own website or online initiatives;
3) Your branded live and interactive Forum that you can make private or public to help provide engagement with the growing community of truth-seekers;
4) Our Petition tool that can help gather signatures from vetted users so we can help approved projects collect supportive people and present that “amplified voice” to the appropriate government or corporate individuals that need to know voters and consumers are coming together in large numbers to oppose (or support) a particular issue.

If you are interested in having your organization become part of our PeopleUnited Coalition and receive the free benefits above, please click here to contact us. Thank you and know we have your back! visit our map navigator

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