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Len Saputo, MD Part 3 of 3 – Video Included

Are Human Beings Innately Narcissistic?   

Has humanity evolved since it was created a gazillion years ago? Or was it designed to be unchanging and exactly like it was all along? If history defines who we are, and it does, then the answer to this question is clearly the latter. How many times has humanity been recycled, and has there ever been a time when humans have lived in community and by the golden rule? Not in recorded history. And certainly not today.

Is it our innate nature to put our own perceived personal needs and desires above those of society? When the survival of our culture is threatened, such as with an earthquake, tsunami, famine, volcanic eruption, etc., throughout history most humans have felt the innate desire to help those in distress. This behavior is driven by compassion and empathy, not by mandates or laws. There is a huge difference between living in a government where its needs supersede the personal needs of each individual, and creating a community where we the people are inspired to share, give, and be in service to others. When unconditional love is the central and fundamental ingredient in a community, it is inspiration, not legislation, that drives its success.  

It seems like there are, and always have been, a spectrum of two different types of human beings. One extreme operates by basic survival drive and is influenced by the golden rule, and the other by pathological narcissism. The central theme of the former is built on sharing, giving, and loving to build community, and the other is centered on fulfilling personal needs and wants without regard for how others might be affected by their actions. 

The deep question here is, “Are the root causes for our behavior inherent in our DNA, or is this tendency merely the manifestation of deep fear generated by a highly orchestrated conspiracy of a relatively small number of psychopaths who are hell-bent on owning and controlling humanity?” Human history supports the latter.

Could it be that the intent of our creator to teach us the difference between good and evil through the experience of suffering through this scenario? 

What is the Possible Role of Artificial Intelligence?

There is another rather frightening explanation for how the minds and bodies of entire populations can be hacked and trained to create specific behaviors. It may well be what is happening today. A takeoff of this concept has been internationally popularized through the work of Professor Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is a lecturer at the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has also given keynote speeches on the future of humanity in Davos and has lectured in 2018 and 2020 at the World Economic Forum’s main Congress Hall stage. He has also written several books on this topic that have sold millions of copies.

Harari’s premise is that science and technology supersede spirituality and goes even further to dismiss spirituality entirely. His theory is that the algorithms of artificial intelligence can hack and replace human beings, and that human beings as we know them today will become extinct within the next century. Yikes!

Harari’s philosophy begs the question, “What would be the point living if human beings became robots devoid of consciousness and feeling?” What would matter, and who would care? Artificial intelligence can mimic consciousness, but it cannot be conscious or have authentic feelings. Algorisms can approximate making intelligent predictions, but cannot experience feelings or anything related to spirituality, because they cannot perceive either. 

Where does living a life centered on community and love fit into Harari’s model? What would be the point of an existence without feelings or consciousness? And who would be left to be in control of human robots?” Would Harari and his cronies be the remaining unhacked controllers of the world? The world would be left with psychopathic narcissists, where the hope of living together in a love-filled universe could never exist.

Trauma-based Mind Control 

Sadly, Harari’s hypothesis is correct. The minds of human beings are hackable. This is nothing new. People’s behavior has been controlled throughout history in programs that include MK Ultra and Monarch Programming, which are trauma-based mind control technologies. They are the culmination of hundreds of years of horrific occult practices based on the fact that pain and trauma can split the human mind with walls of amnesia as a survival defense mechanism and can be called upon decades after being ingrained into the compartmentalized human brain without conscious awareness. This is how a Manchurian Candidate is created. 

All forms of fear and trauma-based mind control are accomplished by three horrific steps that depend on continued ritualistic abuse coupled with mind-altering drugs and sensory overload. 

The first step is to destroy the identity of the victim. This is done by depriving basic needs and inflicting pain that results in exhaustion, confusion, and disorientation. When all hope is lost for self-protection, victims will acquiesce to the will of their tormentors to avoid unrelenting barbaric pain. 

The second step is accomplished through a ruthless system of rewards and punishment that forces a new identity that replaces the free will that was fundamental to the previous identity. Step three is locked into place through the continued use of trauma that becomes whatever the mind controller chooses. Throughout this process the victim is unaware of the fact that they are being “trained”. The key is to keep victims in a hopeless state of mind with the use of trauma. 

The end result of trauma-based mind control is to create people to become robots and will perform programmable acts designed by their mind controllers without thinking. 

Where Do We Go From Here? 

As people are awakening to the global disaster that is unfolding in the matrix of our culture, it is becoming clear that it is not enough to object as an individual or even as a myriad of small groups that are disorganized. We don’t need more data to document that there is a powerful and highly organized global conspiracy intended to subordinate we the people to a relatively few psychopaths who want to own everything and make us their slaves. 

What we need is a coordinated effort to come together with strength in numbers that act in unity and solidarity to protect our freedom and sovereignty. There has not been a single organization today whose primary mission is to protect our freedom and sovereignty through strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity until now. 

The Solution was formed in January of 2023. Our mission statement is:

PeopleUnited informs and motivates concerned citizens, visionaries,

and organizations to build unified community. Through strength in

numbers, PeopleUnited focuses on restoring the rights and responsibilities

of “We the People”. We demand that all elected officials represent

“The Will of the People”.

Our primary purpose is to create a national grassroots movement that through strength in numbers and unity will have the power to reclaim our freedom and sovereignty. By uniting caring and patriotic Americans, we will restore the principles or our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

We invite you to consider each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited. If you agree with us, we invite you to join with us in taking an active role in protecting, defending, and preserving our Constitutional Republic. These are the Five Principles of PeopleUnited:

The major reason by was created is to create strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity in order to protect the individual freedom and sovereignty that we are all guaranteed by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The way we can build strength in numbers is to bring consensus based on PeopleUnited’s Five Principles. 

  • We are guided by our spiritual principles in all we do.
  • Our government must reflect the will of the people.
  • Our inalienable and civil rights must be respected in all circumstances.
  • The family unit is the foundational pillar of a healthy society.
  • All economic-related government decisions must support we the people.

Once we reach our goal and have gathered three million people together we will have a voice that will foster positive change and impact governmental mandates and laws through legislation and lead to refusing to support policies that are unconstitutional or immoral. You can learn more about us at  

Our goal is to provide our Members with a wealth of supportive information and take-action opportunities

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