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May 2024 Newsletter, January 2024

PeopleUnited is celebrating its one-year anniversary!

 Lots has been accomplished, and even more is planned for 2024. This is what we have achieved over the past 12 months:

PeopleUnited has even greater plans for 2024!

  • A membership drive is key to build strength in numbers
  • Intensify fund raising so we can maintain and broaden our services
  • Continue to expand our website
  • Continuing to podcast Town Hall Meetings throughout the year 
  • Continue PeopleUnited Town Hall Video Series Podcasts
  • Expand our Map Navigator Tool and Coalition of Organizations
  • Complete and publish our book about PeopleUnited’s Five Principles
  • Continue with PeopleUnited Daily Videos of What’s New in the News
  • Expand our website to encourage participation in our forums and create consensus
  • Quarterly general membership meetings on Thursdays at 6:00 pm PST (January 11, April 13, July 13, and October 12)
  • Let’s make 2024 the year that PeopleUnited builds strength in numbers and through a national grassroots network of likeminded individuals and organizations that begins creating the platforms we need to return control of our government to “The Will of the People”. We now have an infrastructure that can focus on outreach to build a membership and funding that can develop action steps. 

Our next PeopleUnited General Meeting is on Thursday, January 11 at 6:00 pm PST

We will bring everyone up to date with our accomplishments and inviting a discussion for action steps for the year 2024. Here is the link for the meeting:

Time: Jan 11, 2024, 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

This an update for the general meeting on January 11th, 6pm PST. We will NOT be using zoom. Too many issues. We will be using our platform and this is your link to get into the meeting as a speaker which we tested today and is rock solid.

These are some things that you need to know first so please read this over. Its very important! If anyone has any questions please contact me personally.

Looking forward to see all of you on Jan 11th

Happy New Year,

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PeopleUnited Newsletter
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