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April 2023

Talk sounds promising, but it is action that we of PeopleUnited have been waiting for. We are now ready to share our action plan for how “We the People” can take back the power we were charged with by the US Constitution to govern America.

Our plan from the start has been to heal the great divide that has separated America into a myriad of small individual factions that are independent, sometimes adversarial, all too often competitive, and ultimately devoid of unified power. It is imperative that we come together to create a unified community built on principles we agree upon and take action from the grassroots of America.

We have learned that we can no longer accomplish our goals from the top down. Sadly, that approach has gotten us into the unacceptable situation we are in today. It has become clear that our success depends on unified “Strength in Numbers” of highly committed patriotic Americans who are willing to sacrifice on behalf of our freedom and sovereignty for our country now and forever.

Over the past few weeks, we partnered with The Menlo Forum to see if we could inspire patriotic Americans to join us in a Town Hall Meeting that we held in Menlo Park. We held an open forum that led to a lively discussion about the state of affairs in the world and ideas of how “We the People” could take back control of our government. We cannot afford to continue dealing with what is happening in the world by passively reacting with defensive action. It is time for proactive action that includes the following:

Coordinating grassroots meetings to exert “the will of the people” on elected officials

Collectively refusing to acquiesce to illegal, unconstitutional, & immoral mandates

Sponsoring events, conferences, marches, etc

Creating grassroots sustainability with co-ops for food, water, power, safety

We learned from this experience that there are many people who understand not only what has happened to America but also to the entire world. Patriotic Americans have learned that we must take offensive action now. We must unify if we’re going to stop the movement of the One World Order that has been systematically destroying our health, economy, civil rights, and our Great Republic.

We are inviting millions of patriotic Americans to join us in protecting the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We intend to begin hosting Town Hall Meetings in many local communities to create a force of unified patriotic Americans who will fight for our freedom and sovereignty.

Our goal is to provide our Members with a wealth of supportive information and take-action opportunities

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