It is our spirituality, or the universal consciousness through which we are all connected, that plays a central and sacred role in all aspects of our lives. This is not a new concept. Ancient shamans were aware of this relationship thousands of years ago, but in modern times it has been relegated to a back burner as science has superseded spirituality. 

Our culture has tended to deify the mind, and in the process has compromised our ability to deeply experience spiritual awareness. The mind actually becomes an obstacle in this process because the experience of pure consciousness occurs in a state of silence that is devoid of thought or language.

We all have spiritual work to do, and we know it, especially since humanity has lost its way. It is time to remember that we are here to find joy in sharing, giving, and loving, and in building community. We must also remember that the underlying energy of the universe is love, and that we are simply the consciousness of the universe reflected upon itself.

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