Reclaiming America

Part 1: 

Defining the problem

How worried are you about America’s future? Most of us have noticed that life is different than it was a few decades ago, but only a few of us are seriously concerned that our country is in imminent danger. These concerns are often dismissed as conspiracy theories. But are they? A significant and growing segment of informed Americans is worried about changes in how our government has been operating, the status of our civil rights, our community values, our economy, and the deterioration of our spiritual and moral principles.  

There are solutions for these threats that are simple and doable, and they are here now. We the people hold a massive advantage in strength in numbers over the psychopathic corruptors of our freedom and sovereignty that have cast a paralytic spell of fear and complacency on us. We have been hoodwinked by our own corrupt government’s propaganda and censorship, and far too many of us are asking the question, “What can I do?” 

It is time to awaken from this spell, come together, and start a national grassroots movement to take back control of our government. The secret to building community is to adopt a platform anchored with fundamental principles to which we are all fully in agreement and committed to, rather than platforms that divide us. If we come together in massive numbers, we will have the power to resolve each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited listed below. We will be as powerful as we have strength in numbers, and PeopleUnited can be the resource that can bring us together to reclaim America. 

Concerns of patriotic Americans

Let’s take a closer look at these five issues and see if you agree that: 

·       The will of the government has superseded the will of the people

·       Our inalienable and civil rights are being compromised

·       There has been a disintegration of the family unit 

·       Our economy has been hijacked by a privately owned global banking system 

·       Governmental laws and mandates are superseding our spiritual and moral principles 

Let’s now take a careful look at each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited.

Has the will of the government superseded the will of the people?

In nearly all countries throughout history, the government tells the people what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. In these countries, the people do not have the right to tell the government what to do. Government has the absolute power to do what it wants, and its people have been required to put the welfare of the government above their own welfare and that of their families. 

The United States government is different. It was created to reflect the will of the people, not the will of the government or its corruptors. According to the US Constitution, we the people are charged with running our government. After all, we the people are the government. Our elected officials are not supposed to run us. Our elected officials are required to represent the will of the people who voted for them, not the corporations or oligarchs that have financed or control them in some way. Should we the people be required to follow the will of elected officials who are indebted to the special interests of corporations and oligarchs who have financed their elections?  

The cost of running a successful campaign for the US Congress or for a state legislature costs millions of dollars today. For the most part, people running for these offices require the support of a large political machine or an oligarch to pay for a winning campaign strategy. It is easy to see how this situation can lead to conflicts of interest and in loyalty.  

When special interests take over control of the government and supersede the will of the people, the stage is set for greed and moral corruption. In general, the people of the world want what is good and beneficial for all of humanity. When self-centered special interests supersede, and their efforts are directed primarily to the acquisition of money and power, all too often the result leads to expanding government control and contracting liberty. It has become clear that American’s government is being hijacked from we the people, and is no longer of, for, and by the people.

Have our inalienable and civil rights been compromised?

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees our inalienable and civil rights. They must be respected in all circumstances. We have the responsibility as American citizens to protect them. That our civil rights have been compromised has become especially apparent over the past nearly four years since the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic. During this time the US government has imposed restrictions on free speech, who can travel and to where, which businesses can stay open and which must close, what medications your doctor can prescribe, what your doctor can say about your treatment, how many people can congregate, how far apart people must remain, and much more. This was done under the guise of public health necessity, which has since been proven by science to be false. 

It has been heart-wrenching to witness the demise of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in broad daylight by globalists who are intent on controlling us. Sadly, we have acquiesced to illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional mandates imposed by presidential executive orders that have been coupled with the failure of our legislative and judicial branches of government to remain independent and to protect us.    

Is the family unit disintegrating?

The family unit is the foundational pillar of a strong and resilient society. It is the sacred fortress that is the basis from which our fundamental values are incorporated and become the principles of how our culture operates. When healthy family values help others by lifting one another up to prosper and reach greater heights, society can do great things. On the other hand, if families are held down in an abject state of poverty and despair, society will disintegrate and fail to prosper. 

The family unit is the primary place where peace, harmony, and mutual respect for one another are learned. These values are reflected in society at large. They are fundamental to establish a sense of belonging in children. They are what make it possible to teach the Golden Rule and build healthy communities. A strong family unit values our differences and provides a partnership where we work together to achieve mutual goals.

Healthy family values teach us to focus beyond our own personal needs. Being an integral part of a family group includes how to be part of something bigger than oneself. Individuals who value family and friends have been shown to be more capable of developing healthy relationships, manage stress better, and enjoy better health throughout their lives. When the stability of the family unit becomes a central characteristic of a community, there are lower rates of crime, more financial stability, and more peaceful and satisfied people.  

When children are part of a loving family that teaches discipline and family values, they must also learn right from wrong. This awareness teaches us how to treat other people, respect ourselves, and become an important basis for the development of a heathy community. 

Happy, healthy families not only lead to individuals who are a contributing part of society but also to a support system to help others do the same. On the other hand, people raised in unhealthy home environments find it much more difficult to find their place in the world and tend to get an abortion, take a vaccine, or start birth control without parental consent. They tend to struggle with social relationships and often with substance abuse, again without discussing their decisions with family involvement. Strong, healthy, happy families teach us how to be an integral part of our community, give back to it, and be our best selves. When we can do that, we can build a strong society and civilization. 

Is our economy being hijacked by a privately owned global banking system? (Credit to Catherine Austin Fitts)

Our economic-related government decisions must meet the needs of we the people. Put simply, they don’t. Despite what most people think, we don’t have a financial problem in America. We have a government problem. We have a secret government system because we’re dealing with systemized organized crime that is out of control. To solve the problem, we need a sovereign government that is going to create the conditions of sovereignty so we can have both government and individual sovereignty. 

There has been a financial coup d’état that started in 1998. Since that time the federal government has been in significant violation of constitutional law, legislative law, and regulation related to financial management. Now $21 trillion has gone missing. The only way to balance the books is to lower life expectancy. Over the past three years we have lowered life expectancy! 

In October 2018 the House, Senate, and the Executive Branch met and agreed to a new administrative policy called the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board 56. It overrules the constitution and states that the board reserves the right to keep a portion of the federal finances secret by a secret process to be determined by a secret group of people. This means that the financial statements of the government, related securities, and banks are essentially meaningless. 

We are in a nonsustainable system.  

In August of 2019, the G7 Central Bankers met and voted on the “Going Direct Reset”. They developed a plan under the auspices of Blackrock Investment that resulted in the NY Federal Reserve entering the reposition market in September of 2019. They used the pandemic to justify injecting $5 trillion into the economy. This eventually resulted in inflation that only went into certain parts of the economy and essentially boosted Wall Street and shut down Mainstreet. They shut down our businesses and jobs. As a result, massive amounts of money was shifted from the middle class to the wealthy, as oligarchs were able to purchase insolvent businesses at a markedly discounted price. 

The biggest problem the middle class is facing is an inflation on our time without our consent or control that is related to a deterioration of our food, air quality, water, soil, and pharmaceuticals. This can be done through Central Bank digital control of everyone’s money. Plans are underway now to implement such a system that has the absolute power to control what you purchase. 

Making matters even worse, the overall economy of the US is tanking. Interest rates have risen to 8%, bankruptcies of our businesses have skyrocketed, the cost of living is increasing disproportionally to wages, and the value of the dollar is decreasing. We have become dependent on foreign oil, the price of gasoline has more than doubled in the past couple of years, the cost of food has doubled, and the production of food has gone down, there’s a movement to remove meat and dairy from the marketplace and to replace these products with artificial food made from insects. 

Do you see a concerning trend?

Governmental laws and mandates are superseding our spiritual principles

We must be guided by our heart-felt spiritual and moral principles first and foremost in all we do. These are principles originating from our deepest intuitive roots, and they resonate with our soul. They go beyond laws emerging from governments that are slaves to money, power, and all too often to corruption. Our spiritual intuition must supersede illegal mandates and laws that are unjust. When mandates or laws are unjust, it is our patriotic obligation to peacefully resist them.

There is a higher purpose and value to everything that unfolds in the universe, even when there is suffering and pain that seems senseless or even evil. It is at times like this that our trust and faith in God is being tested. These situations create the opportunity to recognize the need for spiritual growth that would not be possible without the experience. When we take a hard look inward at these situations, we invite the possibility of realizing that spiritual growth is the reward that would not otherwise be possible or even imagined without them.  

The intricate organization and incredible perfection of the universe is truly mindboggling. The challenges humanity is facing today are ultimately opportunities to connect with spirit, follow our intuition, and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. The more we contemplate the workings of the universe, the more obvious it becomes that our dance with evil and suffering is offered as a gift that has meaning, value, and opportunity. They are integral parts of the experience. This begs the question, “What have we learned that we could not have learned any other way?” 

Part two: 

What We the People can do to save America

Who is the voice of America

The voice of America is the voice of the people. It comes from the grassroots of the fifty states that make up the United States of America. It represents more than 340 million people. We are designed to be a democracy, which means that the majority rules. We are also designed to be a constitutional republic, which means we are much more than a democracy. It means that our individual rights, sovereignty, and freedom are protected by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. It also means that we are charged with running the country. But are we, or has our government become the voice of America? 

Today, the United States of America is neither a democracy, nor is it a constitutional republic. We the people are no longer the voice of America. Our so-called elected officials for the most part do not represent we the people as their first priority. They represent the corporations and oligarchs who finance their elections. America is rapidly becoming a fascist country run by large corporations, oligarchs, and lobbyists. 

Is it too late to save America?

It may be too late to save America. Many people believe that America will soon be part of a New World Order, where it has been promised that we’ll own nothing, but we will be happy. Is the long-feared communism creeping into our beloved USA? Unless we the people wake up and take back America, the sacrifices of our forefathers will have been for naught, and government will once again supersede over the freedom and sovereignty of the people. 

For an individual, the task of saving America sounds so overwhelming that it is easy to give up even before considering getting started. However, it is a good time to adopt the adage that says, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. We are living in an era where we must be especially strong and courageous if we are going to save America from what is looking like an existential crisis. As patriotic Americans, it is our privilege to live in a great constitutional republic, and it is also our responsibility and duty to protect and preserve the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for ourselves and our future generations. 

If we don’t, who will? And when will it be too late?

America is in an existential fight
We all know that change starts with a single person, actually with just a single thought. Change cannot happen any other way. Today there is a pressing need for mankind to change the tyrannical plans of globalists who want to control humanity. We the people are finally beginning to understand what is happening and are talking about coming together to take action to stop it. It is simple commonsense that when we no longer accept things we cannot change, it is time to find new ways to change the things we cannot accept. We must never give up the dreams we dream because they are what give us hope, inspiration, direction, and determination to reclaim the America our forefathers died for in our behalf.

It is incredibly outrageous that a mere few thousand narcissistic globalist psychopaths, who have complete disregard for humanity, have been able to seriously threaten the freedom and sovereignty of every human on the planet. We outnumber these evil people by more than a million to one. Yet because of their sinister plan of unrelenting propaganda and illegal censorship, we are losing the battle to protect our freedom and sovereignty. If we come together with strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity we can stop this effort, literally overnight. However, we cannot stop anything if we remain divided and complacent. If we stay asleep at the wheel, our destiny is to become slaves and be controlled by our government. 

There are millions of voices complaining that we must come together and stop the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity that have become commonplace. The growing outrage against this globalist movement has led to widespread disapproval, but to date there is no effective action plan designed to protect our freedom and sovereignty. Talk is abundant and cheap but walking one’s talk is another story. Sadly, the grassroots of America has been a sleeping giant that is too steeped in fear, denial, and complacency to rise to this challenge. We have too little collective strength, and time is running out.  

It is hard to fathom why these globalists would even want to control the entire world. They already control vast fortunes and can have anything money can buy. We also know that they have gained control of most of the governments of the world by hijacking their elected officials so they no longer reflect the will of the people. They boast that “we will own nothing, but we will be happy”. The bottom line, however, is that they will own everything, and they will be happy! Hmmm…   

This translates into, “they” will own and control the entire world, and we will be puppets dancing to their demands. We will do what they say, or they will have the ability to cut off our food, water, power, and money. Does this sound like the beginning of slavery? 

The most revealing question of all

“How can so many governments across the world convince their citizens to do outrageous things like go to war and kill their fellow human beings, or harbor enough hate to participate in genocide?” Or even worse, “what is the matter with we the people that we would even consider agreeing to such atrocities?” Are we so vulnerable to propaganda and fear that we’ll willfully commit crimes against humanity? Was Pogo was right after all? Are we the enemy?

The US government has spent billions of dollars with endless propagandizing of mis- and disinformation that have led to widespread public fear and acquiescence. Coupled with censorship that violates the first amendment of our constitution, the American public has been hoodwinked into going along with compromising some of our precious inalienable civil rights. Sadly, up to this point we the people are standing by with no effective plan for action and watching in disbelief as our constitutional republic continues to disintegrate.

Is it possible for patriotic Americans to restore our freedom and sovereignty and take back America? You bet it is! Let’s take a look at how this can be done.

PeopleUnited is founded
In January of 2023, was founded. It was formed out of desperation because it became clear to our founding members, that we the people will be at risk of losing control of our country if we don’t act immediately to exercise our rights and responsibilities to protect and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is no other peaceful way to resolve this challenge. We believe that through strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity of the grassroots of America, it is still possible to save our democracy and constitutional republic. But there is no time to waste.

PeopleUnited is dedicated to bringing millions of people together by creating a platform built on the Five Principles of PeopleUnited described on page one. The premise is that we build a coalition of likeminded individuals and corporations to create a massive, national grassroots movement that will come together and support reclaiming the America that once existed. 

How PeopleUnited can help save America

When the sleeping giant awakens and realizes that we the people massively outnumber the globalists, it is game over. Perhaps a deeper appreciation of the seriousness of an existential threat is what it will take to inspire us to take the offense. At the moment, most of our approach has been defensive and in preparation for what can be done if things get worse. 

PeopleUnited has only one primary goal. It is to build a peaceful coalition of millions of likeminded individuals and corporations to take back America. The will of the people must supersede the will of the government, and we the people must step up to the plate and run the country. We must fully commit to the Five Principles of PeopleUnited and restore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. But we cannot do this if we are asleep at the wheel!

A common thread for corrupt governments 
The people of the world cannot allow corrupt governments of the world control them. Nearly all governments for millennia have shown that they cannot be trusted to follow the will of the people. What will it take for us to awaken and understand this? 

It is hard to believe that a few thousand globalists have been able to convince we the people to acquiesce to its propaganda and censorship and respond with paralytic fear. The words “never again” ring loudly. The Jews proclaimed that they would never again allow what happened to them in World War II. Is what is happening now in the US the prelude to total control of we the people or even another attempt of genocide? Is there a master race, and if so, who are they? 

It is ironic that the Jews were slaughtered in World War II, and many people have suggested that the control of the world is now in the hands of Zionists. Have the tables turned? And who exactly are the Zionists and what does that mean for us? 

Put simply, Zionists are Jews, but not all Jews are Zionists. Zionism is a national liberation movement whose original goal was the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. They chose Palestine because historically it was their original homeland. Today they control the government of Israel, and many believe they control the banking of the world as well. Whether or not Zionists control the Federal Reserve is debatable. How could it ever happen that the US, or for any country in the world, would allow a privately owned organization to control its money? 

We the people are the solution 

If we let money rule the world, we the people have a huge problem because the globalists control most of the world’s money. However, if we have massive strength in numbers and we stand in unity and solidarity, the globalists have a huge problem. Our power is as great as our strength in numbers.

“United we stand, and divided we fall.” Those are the famous words of President Abraham Lincoln. And they are true. The people of the world are divided, and the focus of attention is on our differences rather than what we have in common. The focus of PeopleUnited is to reverse this scenario. If we come together first in massive numbers, we will then have the necessary power to turn our attention to addressing each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited and then to the myriad of sins that have been perpetuated by humanity on itself since the beginning of human history. 

It is time for humanity to evolve by living in community and practicing the Golden Rule? 

Our goal is to provide our Members with a wealth of supportive information and take-action opportunities

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