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David Icke was right about “Covid”, the jab, the Cloud, and manipulation by a non-human force 01/11/2024

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Out Of The Shadows, Full Documentary 01/14/2024

MAX IGAN – THE AWAKENING – Full Length Documentary 01/20/2024

The Great Setup – with Dr. David Martin, Part One  01/18/2024

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, 1/22/2024

Former Green Beret Commander Gives Critical Analysis Of Border Invasion And Announces Major Convoy 1/24/2024

The Great Taking creator David Webb talks to Mike Adams about the coming financial COLLAPSE and mass CONFISCATION event 01/23/2024

Max Igan in Conversation with Jeff Berwick 01/24/2024

Michael Yon joins Mike Adams to EMERGENCY WARNING over the INVASION and coming CIVIL WAR 1/25/2024

The World is a Prison But We Hold the Key 01/25/2024

Disease X and Their Desperate Attempt to Maintain Control w/ Dr. Tenpenny 01/26/2024

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, # 442 ( Dane Wigington ) 01/29/2024

Brighteon Broadcast News – Biden regime commits economic SABOTAGE against Texas (and Europe) by banning new LNG exports1/27/2024

MAX IGAN – Giving Life To Lucifer 01/30/2024

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