• Greetings! …and thanks for coming to our PeopleUnited Forum where we exchange ideas relating to the role of spirit in life, and especially as it relates to community and coming together in a united way. This is all about allowing an open dialogue so we can express our personal points of view as it relates to the very first of our PeopleUnited “Principles”… what we consider, our “priorities” that we can all agree upon are important in this life. Sure, three are millions, but we worked hard to hone five key Principles that pretty much everyone can relate to. A the top of that list is what it means to maintain a “spiritual” perspective in all you do. This is not necessarily your “religious” belief system – which is what you as an individual embrace – but more that common sense of “spirit” that weaves us all together, beyond any outward names or structure. It is that sense of our spiritual side that reminds us that we have a lot more in common at the core than we think. And it is precisely this that the power mongers are trying to chip away at. If they get us there, we’re done with. Remember that during the CVD plandemic that they immediately tried to close down churches… We’ve got to stay vigilant and united at our Heart resonant spirit level as that is the most powerful force of unity we can each contribute to. This is how people of any religious persuasion can come together in solidarity and still respect each others uniqueness. It’s time… and it’s necessary… What do you think?

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