• Our primary purpose is to create a national grassroots movement that through strength in numbers and unity will have the power to reclaim our freedom and sovereignty. By uniting patriotic Americans, we will restore the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    We invite you to consider each of the Five Principles of PeopleUnited. If you are in agreement, we invite you to join us in taking an active role in protecting, defending, and preserving our Constitutional Republic. These are The Five Principles of PeopleUnited:

    1. We are guided by our spiritual principles in all we do.
    2. Our government must reflect the will of the people.
    3. Our inalienable and civil rights are respected in all circumstances.
    4. The family unit is the foundational pillar of a healthy society.
    5. All economic-related government decisions must support “we the people”.

    This an open discussion forum for any of the 5 topics listed. Either side of the fence on this. Please try to be respectful, we just want open conversations.Thanks, People United.

Our goal is to provide our Members with a wealth of supportive information and take-action opportunities

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