Diane Hennacy, MD

Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuropsychiatrist and
neuroscientist, former Harvard faculty member, lifelong student of the world’s
wisdom traditions and indigenous cultures, and an award-winning author and
clinician. She began studying autism in 1987, when she spent six months with Sir
Michael Rutter at the Institute for Psychiatry in London.

She is also an expert on PTSD, and co-created psychiatry programs for Survivors of Torture,
International, and the McCandless Women’s Center in San Diego. She has
served as a member of a think tank on human consciousness at the Salk
Institute, and as the Director of Research for the John E. Mack Institute.

Her current research focusses on investigating reports of telepathy and precognition
in autistic children and has been presented at international science conferences.
Her book, The ESP Enigma: A Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, presents
a rational argument for a new paradigm for consciousness.


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