David Saputo

David Saputo, a founding member of People United, is a Patriot, Freedom Fighter, Rancher, Investigative Journalist with over 25 years of deep research into all topics of how our country has been highjacked. From 911 and before, to the Dot Com bubble, the 2008 Financial Collapse, Unjust Wars to Medical Fascism, Current Events and the Current Situation America and the World are facing.

He is the Executive Website Admin of DoctorSaputo.com since 2009 and a Top Administrator for the People United Website. He is committed to exposing the Corruption and the Takeover of the United States and a Firm supporter of the Constitution. He believes we have to make a Stand and Restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. He strongly believes that we can solve this from a Bottom Up, Grassroots, Community based model that is done by “We The People”

“Never Fearing to Follow Truth” Quote “Thomas Jefferson”

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