The PeopleUnited Pledge 

PeopleUnited was founded to form a grassroots based movement that has a voice that is guided by spiritual principles in all that we do, represents the will of the people, demands that our civil and inalienable rights are respected in all circumstances, honors the family unit as the foundational pillar of our society, and requires that all economic-related government decisions must support “We the People”. We are asking that everyone who agrees with these principles take this pledge. We can all agree that these Five Principles of must guide government in all policies. When we have come together with strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity, we will be ready to return control of our government to the will of the people.

The PeopleUnited Pledge

  • We honor the Five Principles of PeopleUnited
    We are guided by our spiritual principles in all we do
    The will of the people must supersede the will of the government
    All economic-related government decisions must support “We the People”
    Our inalienable and civil rights must be respected in all circumstances
    The family unit must be restored as the foundational pillar of a healthy society
  • “We the People” support strength in numbers, unity, and solidarity
  • It is our duty to peacefully resist unjust laws of the land
  • The checks and balances of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches ofgovernment must be restored
  • Our government shall not support propaganda or censorship
  • We the People only support healthcare and scientific medical research that honorstransparency and the “Greatest Good” for body mind and spirit

Our goal is to provide our Members with a wealth of supportive information and take-action opportunities

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