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The Health Ranger

Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger”) is a pro-liberty, pro-America, pro-life author, inventor, publisher, prepper, podcaster and platform architect for free speech platforms. Find Mike at Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Red Pill University-G.E. Griffin’s Amazing Organization To Build Grassroots Action For Freedom

Red Pill Expo is the major public event of Red Pill University. Our purpose is to help truth seekers understand how the world really works – contrary to commonly held illusions. The visionary of this movement is G. Edward Griffin, author of numerous books and documentary films including the famous exposé of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island and also World without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17. Red Pill University

Alex Jones

Say what you want about Alex Jones. He’s been standing up fighting for us for over 25 years. He’s been persecuted, lied about and railroaded in the courts these last few years but refuses to give up. Alex Jones was right! Infowars

Dr Diane Hennacy, MD

Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuropsychiatrist and neuroscientist, former Harvard faculty member, lifelong student of the world’s wisdom traditions and indigenous cultures, and an award-winning author and clinician.

She began studying autism in 1987, when she spent six months with Sir Michael Rutter at the Institute for Psychiatry in London.

She is also an expert on PTSD, and co-created psychiatry programs for Survivors of Torture, International, and the McCandless Women’s Center in San Diego.

She has served as a member of a think tank on human consciousness at the Salk Institute, and as the Director of Research for the John E. Mack Institute. 

Her current research focusses on investigating reports of telepathy and precognition in autistic children and has been presented at international science conferences.
Her book, The ESP Enigma: A Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, presents a rational argument for a new paradigm for consciousness. Dr Diane Hennasy

Zeee Media with Maria Zeee

Zeee Media

Zeee Media is Australia’s leading independent media, exposing the globalists from the testing ground of the NWO in Australia.

Lara Logan

Lara Logan is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. Logan’s career began in South Africa with various news organizations in the 1990s. Her profile rose due to reporting around the American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Lara logan Substack

Jeffery Prather


Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent, targeted by the Deep State, turned Whistle Blower, now your intelligence officer exposing fake news!
Experiences: Served with Special Forces, Chief of Global Operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Fast and Furious whistle blower. Jeffery’s Website

James Roguski

James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate. He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action. Visit Jim Here

Meryl Nass, MD 

Dr. Meryl Nass earned her BS in Biology from MIT and her MD from the University of Mississippi in 1980. She is a board-certified Internist in Maine known for expertise in anthrax, bioterrorism, anthrax vaccine and Gulf War syndrome. She has testified for seven Congressional committees on bioterrorism vaccines, the anthrax letter, and Gulf War syndrome.

She has consulted for the Director of National Intelligence and the World Bank on the prevention and mitigation of bioterrorism. Meryle’s Substack

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