Len Saputo, MD

Len Saputo, MD, is the founding president of PeopleUnited, which is filing as a non-profit, public benefit corporation in the State of California. He is deeply committed to creating a union of “We the People” that is dedicated to restore our civil rights, health, economy, and the Republic of the United States of America.

Len is a board-certified internist with more than 50 years of clinical experience. He has pioneered the development of an integrative, holistic, person-centered, preventive health care model called “Health Medicine.” He is the founder of the Health Medicine Forum, a non-profit educational foundation, and the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, and was the founding president of Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine. He is the author of the Nautilus Gold Award winning book, A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine and of Science, Spirituality and Medicine. For the past two years he has hosted The Voice of Reason Internet podcast show with his long-time friend, Francesco Garripoli, that airs weekly and is focused on Covid 19 and related issues.

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