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James Roguski is an author, researcher, activist, and natural health advocate. He specializes in researching highly complex issues and translating data into simple language that is easily understood to facilitate action. Visit Jim’s website

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How about considering these “10 Core Principles” that all could agree upon.?


1. THE IMPORTANCE OF INDIVIDUAL HEALTH OVER PUBLIC HEALTH: The good of any people is the sum total of the benefits enjoyed by each and every individual. The unalienable human rights of each individual, their personal sovereignty and their bodily autonomy, supersede the privileges of any and all international organizations, nations, states, provinces, cities or other groups that derive their existence from We, The People Of The World.

2. RIGHT TO PRIVACY: All people have an absolute, unalienable right to privacy in their personal information, including health related data. Every individual human being has the unalienable right to be free from any requirement to have or present any “vaccine passport,” “digital-ID,” or “health certificate” of any kind, whether in printed, digital or any other form.

3. RIGHT TO EXPRESS ONE’S OPINION: Every individual human being must always be free to fully express their own personal opinion free from any threat of retribution. Only the free debate of different and competing opinions can provide an environment of informed decision-making by each country, state, county, community, family and individual. Each individual has the right to publicly express their own opinion regarding the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of any health related policy or treatment in spoken and/or written form. Every person’s experience is a valuable scientific observation and must NOT be censored.As more free debate and free expression of ideas, facts and data occur, each level of society will be able to decide for itself the best interventions to recommend for the control and management of any disease of concern. Any form of suppression of free public debate is strictly forbidden. Promotion of the public debate of competing points of view and access of the population to that debate, plus the personal dialogue between patients and doctors, will ensure each individual and family to be sufficiently informed to make their own choices and decisions regarding their health, under the principle of informed dissent. No uniform behavior of all the society will be required and the autonomy and will of each individual as citizen and patient are protected.

4. RIGHT TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON PREVENTION AND HEALING: Every individual human being has the right to provide information that is directed by their experience and wisdom, free from executive mandate, bureaucratic dictate, pressure or coercion. All people have an unalienable right to choose to ignore or to take action upon the information they receive, free from any form of censorship or coercion.

5. RIGHT TO CHOOSE TREATMENT: Every individual human being must always be free to use any preventive and/or therapeutic treatment interventions that they consider to be the best choice for them. This may include strategies such as lifestyle changes, food as medicine, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements and repurposed essential medications that were previously approved for other diseases and have a long safety record. Withholding any of those optional strategies is a violation of an individual’s unalienable right. Health care decisions must ultimately be made based on the individual’s choice, not by bureaucratic dictate by government, academics, hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners or “public health experts.”

6. RIGHT TO REFUSE TREATMENT: Every individual human being will always retain the unalienable right to refuse any intervention recommended by any institution, the World Health Organization, governments at all levels, medical associations, hospitals or health care providers. Each individual must be in control of the ultimate decision to utilize any and all health- related treatments, medications, and nutrition, as they deem necessary to improve and/or maintain their health. Decentralized clinical rationale by health care advisors and the right to informed dissent by patients will always be placed above any political interests or centralized decision by any government or health agency.

7. RIGHT TO TRAVEL FREELY UPON THE EARTH: Every individual human being has the unalienable right to move about the planet and this right may not be made dependent upon health, testing, or treatment based requirements. Each individual has the right to travel, free from any lockdowns, quarantines, vaccine requirements, vaccine passports, digital-IDs, mask mandates, social distancing or any other attempts to impede their freedom of assembly or movement.

8. THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN MUST BE PROTECTED BY THEIR PARENTS: Every parent has the unalienable right and the solemn obligation to ensure that all the unalienable rights of their minor aged children are defended. No government or any other organization has the right to prevent any parent from defending the unalienable rights of their minor aged children.

9. RIGHT TO BE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Every individual human being has the right to visit with family and friends, who may be suffering through an illness, in order to provide them with love and emotional support at any setting including, but not limited to, home, clinic or hospital.

10. RIGHT TO FREEDOM FROM DISCRIMINATION: Each individual human being has the right to be free from discrimination based upon any demand upon any person to undergo any form of medical procedure, including testing. Discrimination based on personal health choices is unacceptable in employment or education matters, when accessing public and private institutions, organizations, private businesses or other locations or in regards to any other issue. Discrimination based on medical status is wrong and must not be permitted in any form whatsoever.

NO DEROGATION OF RIGHTS DURING EMERGENCY: Every government, every corporation, every organization and every individual human being must respect and honor everyone’s unalienable rights despite any declaration of a “state of emergency” by anyone. Governments do NOT have the authority to suspend human rights because of so-called “emergencies.” The declaration of an “emergency” does not give anyone the right to infringe upon anyone else’s unalienable human rights. Every individual human being has the right to withhold their consent and refuse treatment or intervention of any kind, at any time, regardless of whether there is a declared “emergency” or not. Regardless of the scope and/or severity of any disease outbreak or real pandemic, human rights remain unalienable and may not be abridged.

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