About us

We Are Reclaiming Medicine

We seek a properly constituted medical board

The board must include complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) physicians as well as conventional doctors. All members must serve without even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Each member must promptly and fully disclose all potential conflicts of interest.

We seek free speech for patients & physicians

We speak freely. We defend the Constitutional right of all patients to speak freely. We defend the Constitutional right of all physicians to speak freely to their patients and to speak publicly on any topic and from a viewpoint that honors the doctor-patient relationship.

We seek a properly functioning medical board

The medical board must support and defend the highest standards of both conventional and CAM integrative health care as well as the doctor-patient relationship. It must avoid governmental and pharmaceutical industry influence and coercion. The board must welcome new advances in medical practice based on good science, individual physicians’ clinical experiences, and humanistic values. Its disciplinary procedures must honor principles of due process, fairness, and innocence until proven guilty. The board must not discriminate against tenets of any practice area or specialty, including CAM physicians. Board members have personal responsibility for their actions and actions of board staff.

We seek individualized care and treatment

Practicing medicine requires patient-specific enhancements and adjustments to general standards. General mandates, guidelines, “standards of care,” and “best practices” cannot provide the right answer in every detail to every issue for every patient and their specific medical history and needs. Physicians often need to fill the gaps. And, such general rules and standards should never be followed blindly, ignoring the patient’s specific medical history and needs. What is good for one person or for many people is not good for a specific patient. Therefore, physicians have a right and duty to provide, and patients have an inalienable right to receive, individualized medical care and treatment of the whole person that supplements or differs from general standards if the care or treatment is consistent with the Care and Treatment Principles below.

Care and Treatment Principles

We believe that Medical care and treatment should be:
Is reasonably calculated to minimize the risk and harm faced by the patient.

Is reasonably calculated to maximize the odds of improving the patient’s condition;

Is consistent with uncorrupted established
and emerging science;

Is given after the patient provided informed consent.